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Euca like all unique products raises a host of questions - check our FAQ’s here.

If you have a question and the answer is not here, please send us an email.
All questions not here and asked via contact page will be added here for future reference.



Q. How much does shipping cost?
A. We only ask that you spend over $50 to get FREE Shipping Australia wide. Sadly, due to bulkiness of our products, any orders below that amount will require a handling charge of $10 added to the order.

Q. Can I have my order sent to work / home / another address?
A. Yes, you can stipulate the deliver address in checkout to any location you need.

Q. Who is Lightning Products and how are they related to Euca?
A. On our “About Us” page we detail the evolution of the business and how the brands and business came to be today.

Q. Can I order larger sizes not shown in the BUY NOW?
A. As we are getting our feet wet so to speak on line, we decided to not put the 20lt and 25kg sizes on the internet. That said we are happy to hear from you if you really want a 20lt TUFF or 25kg Euca, please tell us, otherwise we won’t know.

Q. Can I set up a Trade Account?
A. The purpose of the Euca On Line is to show case the whole range of Lightning and Euca to the general public, which we can’t currently via our usual distributors. That said, if you are a small independent supermarket out past back of Bourke and you don’t want the hassle to go through normal channels and are happy to pay up front via card or PayPal then please contact us here.

Q. Am I dealing directly with the factory?
A. No, we have logistically decided to remove the on-line business away from the manufacturing side. We see them as two separate entities and serve two purposes. We of course welcome communication to either Lightning Products or Euca On Line.

Q. What is really in Euca?
A, if you are referring to Euca Laundry, then we recommend you visit our “Know the Facts" page. If you are referring to any other Euca or Lightning product, please see the BUY NOW page for that product, or alternatively contact us with the specific question you have.

Q. Is Euca safe for my children?
A. Euca has been made without all the fillers and excessive sodium others use, plus our Organic Castile soap and Liquid Soft wash are Pure soap based products. See our “Know the Facts" page – Or contact uswith any specific question you have.

Q. Is Smell Expell able to remove pet odours?
A. Personally we are all pet crazy here at Euca so we have all tested Smell Expell on our own homes, and love it. Yes, it works a treat.

Q. Can Solvit Remove graffiti?
A. Solvit we nick name acid in a bottle. it’s all natural citrus and sugar cane (ethanol) so bio degradable and environmental. Fresh tagging in texta pen or fresh spray pack paint can be removed easily. Some elbow grease needed on certain paint types and as they get older maybe a light sourer. Personally, we have been removing tagging etc. around our homes for ages with Solvit. It’s also fantastic on glue / old tape residue / lip stick / wax and more.

Q. What can I use your new Euca Universal cleaner polisher on?
A. What cant you use it on is more easier to answer. To let you know, we have used Universal on ; Silver, stainless, stone benches, brass, chrome, black glass cook tops, oven racks, shower glass, basins, tiles walls, laminated cupboards, painted walls, doors, plastic trays and toys, taps, fridges, kettles, toasters... tell us your Universal new clean item and we will give you a FREE gift on next order.