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Just Magic !!!

When you're on a good thing - keep buying it. I am now using the laundry powder, the dishwashing powder and the glass all surface cleaner and they are all just as amazing as each other. Can't wait to try some of the other products as I am sure they will equally as good. Living on a farm is a real tester for the power of the laundry products.
I am a very happy customer and will be pleased to tell others!

Great Value

I Love Euca Laundry powder. It does a great job and the required amount to use is much less than many other products. Also, it does not impact negatively on our envirocycle septic system. I've been using it for a few years now but found that my local produce store doesn't always stock it. I have just discovered that I can order the 10kg bucket (or even better, the refill box) with free postage, direct from Euca. I am completely sold on this product.

Excellent product

This is the 3rd time for me to buy Euca 10kg Laundry power. I like this product because this powder doesn't leave strong artificial detergent smell, such as artificial floral smell which always made me sneeze. This time, I discovered 10kg power refill in the web, so I decided to by the refill, instead of power in a bucket. I agree that the buckets are great to use for storage etc but I think re-fill seems to make more sense. I was impressed by the package of the refill. It is in a biodegradable package.